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    NOTES: This release contains all covers , front , back and disc covers. MP3 NEW RELEASES 2018 WEEK 46 COVERS Barbra Streisand - Walls Boy George - Life Greatest MOD And Northern Soul - Various Joji - Ballads 1 Muse - Simulation Theory Now That's What I Call Easy - Various Now That's What I...
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    [In Progress] Upcoming Notifications

    Project currently been developed
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    [In Progress] Guest Comments

    This feature is currently under development
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    magnet link unable to load unable to parse

    Have you tried uninstalling the torrent app or changing browsers, it might fix your issue. Or you might want to stick to the .torrent files until we have more info on why you are getting this errors.
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    magnet link unable to load unable to parse

    it know this error, but this screenshot doesn't help, describe how you get this error, then we can find out how to fix it.. provide a link to the torrent or page giving you this error.. i just tried several torrents and got nothing no errors using magnet
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    magnet link unable to load unable to parse

    So there was an error when you try to download torrents from a specific uploader's profile page. You will receive a an error saying the magnet url can't be parsed but this error has been fixed then.. If this isn't what you are referring to, can you please tell us how to reproduce the error...
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    General Rules

    Breaking these rules can and will get you banned! - By becoming a registered user at GloTorrents you automatically agree to the following rules. If you break any of the rules you will either receive a warning or get banned. In a number of situations the punishment is much more serious, for...
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    Pornographic Materials Guidelines

    Reserved Space for Additional Rules
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    Pornographic Materials Guidelines

    This part works for all parts of the website including the XXX section and closed adult groups. The following types of pornographic materials are not welcome on GloTorrents: 01 - Child pornography; 02 - All types of zoophilia; 03 - Any materials that involve real sadism, masochism, torture...
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    Uploaders Rules

    Reserved Space for Additional Rules
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    Uploaders Rules

    Following things are forbidden in all types of torrents (description, torrent files, torrent name): This rules applies to the following Classes; Elite Users, Uploaders, Verified Uploaders and VIP(s) - Spam or advertising; Any kind of advertising in the torrent descriptions or in the forums...
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    Popular Phrases Added in Rules

    Reserved Space for Additional Rules
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    Popular Phrases Added in Rules

    Don't Fall Into This Group(s) 01 - Reputation abuse - Executing reputation gaining actions repeatedly to get a higher reputation count. 02 - Fake torrent - A torrent file that spreads malware on your computer/asks you to do certain things before you can access the content (this includes...
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    General Forum Guidelines

    Update: New Forum Rules Added Reserved for Additional Rules.
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    GloTorrents Official Proxies

    We have decided to add our own proxies for users who are unable to visit Glotorrents through our main domain. Here's the list of our Official Proxy List; You can only login to these proxies, you shouldn't login...
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    Change Primary Domain Document Root in cPanel/WHM

    this is very useful if Cpanel is messing up and u can't fix issues like this. It's important to rebuild userdata else changes won't take effect..
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    Change Primary Domain Document Root in cPanel/WHM

    The cPanel accounts are created using a primary domain. All primary domains on the hosting account use “public_html” directory for all its website files and data. The sub-directories inside the public_html directory is occupied by the addon domains. The primary domain can also be setup to use a...
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    Application for uploader fill this form
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    Standard Torrent Uploading Guide & Tutorial - Uploaders Must Read!

    Properly written, thanks m8..
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    Introducing a new home

    Spammers not welcomed here