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    covers These 3 sites do the deed. Check them out which suits you. :) Good luck!
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    Change Primary Domain Document Root in cPanel/WHM

    Thanks for the tut :) Cheers!
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    [In Progress] Upcoming Notifications

    We are adding a bunch of Notifications as follows: 1. Torrent Uploaded Notification: You will receive notifications on successful Uploads - This excludes Auto - uploaders - who use Bot Scripts. 2. Notifications on new comments, not direct message notifications. 3. Notifications on users...
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    [In Progress] Guest Comments

    This feature will allow: 1. Guest will now be able to comment on torrents. 2. Guest will be able to comment on profile accounts. 3. Guest will be able to rate torrents. Under progress and will soon be released.
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    Subtitles, where to get them V2 - Tutorial

    Thanks SRZ (y)
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    MySQL Export Table to CSV

    Very helpful tut. thanks buddy :)
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    Understanding Of TV/Movie Video Release Types!

    iNTERNAL: A release is done internal when it's released for a limited amount of people. Nowadays it's mostly used when a release is already done by another group. By adding the internal tag, the release won't be nuked. LD: LD stands for Line Dubbed. This is used when a video stream is muxed...
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    Understanding Of TV/Movie Video Release Types!

    Hi there :) I am posting it to help members decipher the tags included in torrent titles and types, These tags are mostly for TV Episode and also apply on movie types. Members can easily understand the meaning of a Tag standing in torrent's title. Episode Types (Lead Types Posted With VALID...
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    Standard Torrent Uploading Guide & Tutorial - Uploaders Must Read!

    Hello everyone:) This Tutorial & Guide may help new comers and new uploaders to keep their torrents & detail/description in proper shape & eye pleasing so downloaders will definitely identify content that available in torrent. They won't be able to complain about anything and they would be able...
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    Important Guide & Helpful Information About µTorrent!

    20) How do I forward ports? Usually, your port is forwarded automatically with the UPnP feature built into µTorrent. If you need to do it manually, should have the information you require. Both TCP and UDP should be forwarded in your router. You can test if your port is...
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    Important Guide & Helpful Information About µTorrent!

    Hello Folks :) Important Guide & Helpful Information About utorrent! This Tutorial have basic guide along with how to Configure µTorrent & information about µTorrent plus few questions & anwsers!! 1) Is µTorrent open source? No. It is not likely to become open source. 2) Is this necessary...
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    Post Torrent Issues Here!

    Topic Closed.
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    Torrents Request Thread!

    Post all your movie/tv show/series/software/anime/ requests here. Please search for a torrent make sure if it already exists or not. Kindly post the complete name and IMDb link or other official links for specific content if possible. RULES: - All forums rules apply. - No more than 2 requests...
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    Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello everyone:) Welcome to Forums & thanks for looking to us! Enjoy your stay and have a great journey. Kindly Intro yourself here Because we would like to know you. Create a new topic and post your intro. Posting rules: No real names. No personal information or spoiling. Do not mention...
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    Post Fake Torrents Here!

    Anything you got as fake, Kindly report that torrent here and get our help. But please do not report any torrent if you're not sure. Create a topic and let us know. Cheers!
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    Post Torrent Issues Here!

    If you see any issue with your torrent or issue with anyone's else torrent? Feel free describe an issue and post torrent link via new topic. Good luck! RULES: - ALL FORUMS RULES APPLY. - BE NICE TO EVERYONE. Cheers!
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    Need help? Ask here!

    Here you can ask for anything If you're unable to fix anything whatever is it, Kindly ask here! Our experienced members will help you for sure. RULES: - DO NOT ABUSE. - DO NOT THREAT ANYONE. - DO NOT SPAM. - DO NOT POST XXX LINKS OR ANY MONEY MAKING LINKS. Cheers!