How to get the best from GloTorrents Instant ChatRooms


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Jul 23, 2019
1. You can only be logged into one [1] chatroom at a time
unless invited by MissKitti,
feel free to ask for invites and let me know which rooms you'd like to be in

full list of chatroom links below
leave your requests below
2. Some chatrooms are private,
and only for special members
(ie. Room X, and the KAT club)

3. If you accidentally "log out" of a chatroom
let me know, and I'll re-invite you
4. if you log out of the site - the chatrooms will reconnect you when you sign in next.

5. Please keep explicit and/or controversial subject matter in the "Adult Chat' aka "18+ chat", and keep smoking chat to the "Smokers room", we don't want people getting the wrong idea or choking on the second hand smoke 😁 .​
6. Once you log into a chatroom/chatrooms you will then be able to explore the forums and take ALL of your instant chats with you at the bottom of your screen.
you can even watch videos &/or listen to music through the chat bar at bottom of screen.​
💡 HANDY TIP :simply click on the chat bar
to make it pop up, then
click on that spot again
to make the pop up retract again

7. Some of the chatrooms
have music and videos in them, and you
can even ask for fresh music or videos
to be added while you're in the chat