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Greetings beautiful people :cool:
My name is MissKitti,

Hello GloDLS - I am MissKitti (a.k.a Miss_Kitti), I have been an uploader on several sites to date, TPB/KATcr/1337x and TGx.
My torrent life began in approximately 2013, I was a member of Youtube where I met a "Mash-Up Movie" editor called D.J BeatMaster Jazz owner of Totally Wacked Productions (est. 1994), I didn't know much about editing at the time, but BeatMaster Jazz's mash ups were a brilliant concept, and he was a great editor - but lacked decent video footage and editing equipment (he started out using a DVD player and 2 VCR's) then added titles etc via "Windows Movie Maker 2.6". I loved the ideas behind what he had done so much that I began to try to reconstruct them with new - better quality footage, at which point I started to release MY productions to the torrent world, after several months - youtube began deleting his videos for copyright (as they were mash ups) - given that BeatMaster Jazz was actually an audio mash up maker (who used the old "sound recorder" program from Windows) - his adaption to video editing was amazing, his ideas were unique, and his editing style was unheard of! In 2013 D.J BeatMaster Jazz gave up video editing (due to the constant heartbreak of pointless criticism and the repeated removal of his videos, even after he tried to please their requests to add credits to the official producers/copyright holders and giving a full disclaimer. I was shattered as I loved the beautiful mind that was BeatMaster Jazz. I then continued to make my reconstructions of his work and eventually tried also, to upload at youtube, but youtube began removing my videos too, as a member of KAT - I genuinely didn't care much for youtube anyway, I then advised BeatMaster Jazz to join a Torrent site, but his mind was set. I decided to refer him to a torrent downloader and sent him a link to my KAT page, he loved what I had done so much that he sent me his original copies, and even screenplays written by his friend John. I taught him what I knew about editing on a Desktop PC - and recommended some programs to help him out. He then got back into editing and opened up a dailymotion account where he uploaded happily for a while, then they changed their rules to the same as youtube - and once again his edits were deleted, he swore then "never again", a decision he stood by. In 2014/15 I created the "Unleashed Universe" - a mash up movie series that tried to bring together some of the greatest retro shows together, to breathe new life into them. In 2015 after two years of begging... BeatMaster Jazz decided to advise me on my storyboard, he refused to have a physical part in their creation after his youtube/dailymotion dilema. I originally started as JazzyRock @ the orignal KAT site, after spending 2 to 3 years with KAT I then moved to TPB when KAT was closed down in Dec 2015. I was then finally able to convince BeatMaster Jazz to help me properly in the creation of my/our new versions released by me (owner of JazzyRock Pictures).
In 2016 we officially joined forces and started recreating the entire set into a proper T.V style series. Unfortunately it wasn't until 2016 when I finally stopped using a trial version of AVS which left a watermark on the finished productions, as BeatMaster Jazz and Myself went halves in the cost of the full program. We made great progress and learnt a lot about editing, and people. Then in 2017 we met a young upcoming editor known as "LizardQueen" owner of Digital Frontier Media Productions (not to be confused with Digital Frontier Media), she had a massive video collection, and much better editing programs. Thankfully for us she was a fan of "Unleashed Universe" and wanted to help, we taught her everything we knew, and combined with her video collection and awesome editing programs we all joined forces on certain projects (we call our unholy trinity 3-4-U Entertainment Productions when we work together). We then started to get requests and offers from other editors like the well known "Mr Movie Mash-Up" from youtube and the original KAT. M.M.M even asked us to help with his production as he had trouble with continuity, but made a similar type of project. We then decided we the editors of the world need to form an alliance to fight these ridiculous copyrights and help each other perfect our individual projects as we all have different skills, equipment and ideas, thus...... The United Editors Alliance was born! We consider ourselves to be separate groups with different plans, different tastes, and of course very different ideas. United we stand! But separately we roam. What I want to upload here is the best of all work, and to break down the silly copyrights that prevent our favorite shows from ever meeting. So that they can become timeless, limitless and far greater than ever, with extended storylines, all new fx by BeatMaster Jazz, and DVD quality versions of some of the hardest to find programs, including: 1990's Beauty & the Beast T.V series, Manimal, Forever Knight, Automan, 1980's Knight Rider, Doctor Who 1963-2019, Kung Fu The Legend Continues, Reaper, Almighty Johnsons, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Battlestar Galactica (original), Star Trek (original), and much, much more. There is even animated mash up series' too. But I also fulfill upload requests for people who have trouble finding what they want. Plus... I use seedboxes
to maintain my seeds as of January 2019
(still uploading my pre-existing stuff to seedbox, which will probably take a few weeks, but when I'm done almost all of my torrents on all sites will be permanently seeded - anything I upload here will be seeded immediately
Thank You for your consideration



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Strongly welcome, a pleasure to have you here, and thanks for looking forward to us!
one of the impressive intro I have ever read. superb.

Enjoy your stay and stay blessed :)