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Oct 21, 2018

By: Reed Barger
Released: October 24, 2019 (New Release!)
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Master cutting-edge React along with the most popular serverless framework by building a Hacker News clone

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Course Length 2 hours 38 minutes

Table of Contents

• Getting Started
• App Structure
• Custom React Hook
• Firebase Authentication
• Firestore CRUD Operations
• Ordering, Limiting, Searching, Pagination
• Firebase Functions for Serverless Backends
• Firebase Hosting for Deployment


• Build amazing, real-time, serverless apps with React Hooks, Firebase, and Firestore
• Learn how to use cutting-edge React features with the most popular serverless platform
• Create and ship high-quality web apps


In this course, you'll build full-stack, serverless applications that harness the latest and greatest features in the React ecosystem on top of the Firebase platform.

You'll learn how to bring React Hooks, Firebase, and Firestore together to build a complete Hacker News clone from zero to deployment. It will look and work exactly like the original Hacker News site, but with some added features.

You'll cover tons of concepts throughout the process of making your Hacker News clone: authenticating users with Firebase in-depth; adding comments; upvoting stories; creating, modifying, and persisting shared link data in real-time with your Firestore database; writing multiple reusable hooks for essential tasks in your app; building and deploying serverless Firebase functions for added functionality; and much more.

This course covers:

• Rock-solid patterns for using/integrating Firebase with React

• Full CRUD functionality with the Firestore real-time database

• Building and using your own custom React Hooks with Firebase

• Managing global app state with React context and the useContext Hook

• Firebase authentication with login/register

• Reset password functionality for returning users

• User authorization and handling unauthorized actions

• In-depth routing concepts with React Router 5

• How to implement cursor-based pagination

• Sorting, ordering, and limiting documents with Firestore queries

• Full-text search functionality

• Realtime subscriptions on data changes with Firestore

• Working with the Firebase Tools CLI

• Seamless app deployment with Firebase hosting

• Using date functions to format time

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -


• Build a complete Hacker News clone from zero to deployment
• Build and deploy serverless Firebase functions


Reed Barger

Reed Barger is a Full-Stack Developer and Consultant. Reed is a professional developer with a passion for learning and teaching everything he knows. He believes in learning through doing and this philosophy is present in every course that he teaches. He loves to explore new web and mobile technologies, and his courses focus on giving you the edge in this fast-moving industry.