This is the page that displays when I click to download something and sometimes the back arrow doesn't work, so I have to re-enter the site via my favorites link. I only get this error on Glo's site, and started around the same time of the new home page and login. Is there anything I can do at my end? I block popups, but redirects are different and I haven't a clue what to do about it. Does anyone know who this is and how I can block them? Thank you in advance. Until this is solved, I will be using the magnet link.

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We will look into this, @ _.:=iTake=:._
Kindly respond here, I already checked, when I click on torrent files nothing odd happened. so please look into because you assist him easily.
In my knowledge, maybe some adware has been installed in his system that why he's seeing these pages, or maybe adware extension added and it's happening due to a browser's extension.


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the old torrents are cached on, this isn;t an error, files uploaded recently shouldn't send you to cache page...

in the link , i see you are downloading a movie from 2003, there is a possibility that torrent might no longer e available on cache server...