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YiLu Proxy Setting in Windows 10

YiLu Proxy

Active member
Aug 24, 2022
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YiLu Proxy which covers with 90M+ dynamic residential IP addresses is the best Windows proxy server, because its dynamic proxies support HTTP and Socks5 protocols. The article will show you how to set up YiLu Proxy in a Windows 10 PC, a global proxy setting, and also available for Windows 7 or 11 PC.

proxy windows 10
proxy windows 10
1. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your computer screen.

windows setting
windows setting
2. Click “Network & Internet” on Windows Settings.

network internet setting
network internet setting
3. Click “Proxy”.

click proxy
click proxy
4. Set up YiLu Proxy.

On the YiLu Proxy “Settings” tab:
a. Set forward port, such as 5500-5510;
b. Bind address:;
c. Select “YiLu portable proxy engine”;
d. Finally, click “Save”.

yilu proxy general setting
yilu proxy general setting
On the “rotating residential IPs” tab:
a. Select rotating residential or datacenter IP;
b. Select a country, state, and city;
c. Refresh;
d. Right-click an IP and select a proxy port.

rotating residential ip port forwarding
rotating residential ip port forwarding
5. Set up proxy settings in Windows 10 PC

a. Turn off “automatically proxy setup”;
b. Turn on “use a proxy server” on the “manual proxy setup”;
c. Enter IP address: and port: 5500(the forwarding port in YiLu Proxy);
d. Select “don’t use the proxy for local (intranet) addresses”;
e. Click “Save”.

proxy setting in windows
proxy setting in windows
6. Check the proxy IP address

Run a browser and enter an IP checking website, then you can get the proxy IP address.
Sometimes the IP location is a bit off.

check ip address