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Like the previous comment i also look forward to downloading your weekly MP3 New Releases and i too am a avid music lover and to see nothing for the last three weeks am beginning to get withdrawl symptoms HELP, also i like to collect all the NOW albums but you dont seem to put as many on as you used to Thankyou
I have applied for an uploader account a few days ago and I haven't gotten any response. What should I do?
if you have problem like this, you post it in the forums not under your profile
On my profile is 2 NEW TV style Mash Up shows I've uploaded, they are an exclusive to GloDLS (for a short time), I have only uploaded the first episode elsewhere and it's very, very popular, but for GloDLS - I've put all of season 1 for both shows.
I am currently creating Mash Up shows that will blow your mind! Thanks for having me (I'm glad to be here). From what I've heard, and seen you guys are awesome. P.S I love the look of the place, well organized, and easy to use/navigate.
Hi, to everyone. Of course I am new here, not entirely a newbie where it relates to torrents, however I most certainly am no expert either. so if mistakes are made on my part please excuse and kindly steer toward the correct solution. Looking forward to all the content here, and please feel free to say hello. Because if you think about it, without FRIENDS most of us may find ourselves being used by FIENDS....✌👌😁!!
can you please supply cd and back covers for mp3 new releases week 46 as there are only front covers on it. thanking you in advance (I hope this gets to you as I don't know if I am doing it right). David Pyrah.