Apress | Building Apps with SwiftUI Custom Views and Common Use Cases


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Oct 21, 2018

By: Mehul Mohan
Publisher: Apress
Release Date: August 2019
ISBN: 9781484253106
Torrent Contains: 19 Files, 1 Folders
Course Source: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/building-apps-with/9781484253106/


Create a basic application flow with SwiftUI involving login and a user dashboard interface in this video. Discover the new file structure introduced by SwiftUI and how it uses structs instead of classes for Views. Then learn about common layout elements such as Text, Images, HStack, VStack, ZStack, and NavigationViews. After understanding the structure and elements, dive in to create a login layout and a user authentication backend. Then once you've got your user logged in, create a dashboard layout for your users with SwiftUI. Finally learn to troubleshoot and polish up your new interfaces.

What You Will Learn

• Create login and dashboard interfaces
• Troubleshoot common SwiftUI interface issues
• Incorporate NodeJS for authentication and backend work

Who This Video Is For

iOS developers with a basic familiarity of the Swift language who would like to use SwiftUI to design easy, elegant, and powerful interfaces.

Table of Contents

• Introduction 00:01:04
• Developing the Dashboard UI 00:08:23
• Creating Cryptocoin Listview 00:05:32
• Adding Images 00:04:46
• Adding Logo with SwiftUI Shapes 00:05:38
• Adding Wallet Interface 00:02:45
• UIKit in SwiftUI 00:06:23
• Customizing the Graph 00:02:53
• Finishing Dashboard Layout 00:06:59
• Creating Login Form 00:06:55
• Doing HTTP Requests 00:07:16
• Setting Up Backend Server 00:02:59
• Implementing Navigation and Finishing Off 00:04:06