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Oct 21, 2018

Author: Jem Young - Netflix
Release Date: November 1, 2019
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Some Key Takeaways!

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you'll:

• Study actual interview questions from real companies
• Understand the common interviewing algorithms
• Learn how to deal with failure
• Learn how to make the most of culture questions
• Become comfortable with common algorithms and concepts
• Understand how to breakdown a whiteboard challenge

Your (Awesome) Instructor

Jem Young

Jem is a Software Engineer in San Francisco. When he's not watching it, you can find him at Netflix where he works on the User Interface platform team. In his free time, he hassles other engineers to write more tests.

Workshop Details

This course is taught from the perspective of both the interviewer and the interviewee, and gives you all the skills needed no matter which side of the table you sit on.

Is This Workshop for Me?


Interviewing is one of the most challenging tasks, so this is a course designed help Frontend Engineers get through those dreaded interviews, or for technical managers wanting to conduct better interviews.