General Rules


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Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

- By becoming a registered user at GloTorrents you automatically agree to the following rules. If you break any of the rules you will either receive a warning or get banned. In a number of situations the punishment is much more serious, for example if you posted advertising or uploaded child porn - your profile will be removed and your IP will be banned. You have the right to appeal the ban if you think the mods have misjudged your situation. But you have to include a reason or explanation in the appeal! Appeals without a reason or explanation will be rejected.

Nevertheless we are always open for communication, so if you feel that your comment/torrent/profile was removed for no reason, due to a mistake or personal conflict - feel free to contact the Mod Team or Staff Members by PM.

- Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes!

- Not following Guidelines for Pornographic Materials

- Not following Uploader Rules

- Falling into the group under Popular Phrases

- Not following the Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Please do not be a victim to these rules. Be sure to contact staff if you don't understand what these rules mean.