October Updates


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Oct 20, 2018
So this month has not been so good as we lost most of our files to due reasons I cannot disclose here at the moment.

But it hasn't stopped us from getting back most and more of what we lost for now.

These are the changes made in October

Browsing Torrents

This page has been removed until we are able to fix server load issues It will be restored as we can.

All pages can now be viewed from the search page.

Search Updates Frequency

Torrents will not be re-indexed after 20 minutes into our search engine due to large number of uploads per minute.

Incase your torrents were uploaded and you don't see them in the search page do not panic they can still be seen under your uploaded torrents page.

Uploader Icons and Reputation Added On Index Page

You may have noticed by now that popular torrents uploaded in the index page includes uploader names and reputation points.
If you are lucky enough to find your torrents there, Congratulations.

Millions of Torrents Re-indexed

We managed to salvage over 6,000,000 that's more than twice the torrents we lost earlier this month. This should users or visitors to be able to get the torrents they need while we try our best to keep adding until we are sure there is nothing to add...

We shall keep you informed on the rest of the updates before the end of the month.