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Oct 21, 2018

The ULTIMATE guide to avoiding failure, expensive mistakes and discouragement when you learn to code

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: Zubin Pratap
Last updated: 4/2019
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What you'll learn

• This course will give you the techniques and tools to confidently pursue your dream to learn to code
• Learn the systems and frameworks that helped me accelerate my learning and reduce the wrong turns and dead ends
• Learn to identify the traps and pitfalls that frequently result in frustration, loss, discouragement and....failure
• Anyone can code. Learn the right mindsets, habits and frameworks so that you do not quit.
• Learn fundamental skills needed to learn ANYTHING new - I share everything I learned on my crazy journey from litigator, to corporate lawyer, to manager (MBA) to founder to coder

Course content
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• Be prepared to operate outside your comfort zone - you may need to change beliefs, habits and processes
• You must be motivated to minimize wastage of your 3 most valuable resources : time, energy and money
• An internet connection


Thinking of learning to code, but a little unsure if you can do it? Overwhelmed by too much information? Don't know where to start? Maybe you started a few times and got sidetracked and need to start over.

You are NOT alone. I wasted almost a year of time and over $1,100 in useless resources. And I quit twice. I quit because I made learning programming much, much, MUCH harder than it needed to be.

When I finally became a developer I realised there were basic, fundamental techniques that could have saved me a lot of time and discouragement. That's what this course gives you.

Fact: The majority of people who try to learn programming quit.

Fact: I did too. TWICE.

Fact: Most people take 3-5 times longer than they should to learn the fundamentals of coding

Fact: There is too much information, but too little clarity on HOW to go about learning programming

Fact: You are statistically likely to buy, learn or practice things that are irrelevant to your goal of learning to code

Fact: you've already learned far more complex skills in your life.

Programming is the new literacy, but there is too much hype and mystery around it. When my mentor showed me the myths and illusions were false, I was able to achieve 90% of my learning in less than 6 months, publish articles, contribute to open source, add functionality to my startup's apps and get job offers at the end of it (even though I didn't want them at the time!).

People spend SO much time, effort and $$$ focusing on the hot language or framework of the day. I will show you why language is NOT the relevant consideration.

So many people think they need to be good at math, or do Computer Science. I will show you how to really think about these questions, and identify the plan that is right for you.

I remove the myths, take away the mystery, and do all this without writing ANY code. Because learning to code is not about writing code. It is about understanding how you should learn to code.

When learning to code, we focus on the word "code", not the word "learning".

So no more BS. No more falsehoods that scare you or make you struggle. I focus only on the questions that really matter when it comes to learning to program. And you will have tools and strategies that will save you a LOT of time, effort and $$$ as you learn to code.

Who this course is for:

• Anyone that is thinking of learning to code, and wants to successfully learn code
• Career changers who want to become professional coders
• People that have tried and struggled with learning to code before - and want to try again, and this time, push through!
• People who want to know whether they should learn to program and how to go about optimising for success
• Entrepreneurs who want to learn to code to build their vision.