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Oct 21, 2018

Learn more about performance testing before you actually start learning any performance testing tool as it form the core

Created by: Devath Tikya Naik
Last updated: 5/2019
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What you'll learn

• An introduction about performance testing and engineering
• Types of Web Performance Tests
• How to gather the requirements from clients and stakeholders before starting a project
• Key point to consider while drafting the Test Approach
• Industry standard Performance Testing terminologies
• Performance Counters that needs to be monitored
• What is Workload modeling and why is it important?
• Key considerations before selecting the test scenarios for scripting
• Performance Test Planning
• Basics of Performance Test Scripting
• Performance Test Execution
• Metrics Collections
• Result Analysis
• Report Creation

Course content
all 6 lectures 55:28


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• Introduction - What is performance testing and why is it needed?

• What are the different types of Performance Tests?

• What is requirements gathering and how do we gather them?

• What is performance test approach and what are the key considerations to keep in mind before drafting one?

• Performance Testing terminologies

• What are the performance counters that we need to take care of while executing test runs?

• What is workload modelling and why is it important?

• What are the different types of workload models?

• How to select the business scenarios for including them in our test execution?

• What is performance test planning?

• More details about performance test execution

• Performance testing scripting - key considerations

• Important things to take care in performance test execution

• What are the different metrics that we check and how do we monitor them?

• How to do the performance test results analysis?

• How to create the performance test report?

• And more...

Who this course is for:

• Beginner Performance Testers
• Beginner Performance Engineers
• Testing students willing to learn automation
• Manual testers seeking to learn automation
• Project Managers who are responsible for performance testing an application.